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Cement-based grouting (materials, methods and measurements)

Cement-based grouting is one the most frequently used techniques in Swedish infrastructure and building industry with the main objectives of reducing the water ingress and increasing the strength properties of the underground facilities. But application of the cement-based grouts is not just limited to that. The variety in its application is primarily due to its demanding economic, environmental and sustainability advantages, which has made it a prime focus among our research topics.


Grouting is one of the most common methods that is frequently used in construction and maintenance of both surface and subsurface buildings and infrastructures. Among the materials used in grouting, cement-based materials have been proven to be more environmental-friendly, economic and durable than the chemical grouts (e.g. sodium silicate, acrylate, lignin, urethane, and resin grouts). In daily-basis, the cement-based grouts are used in diverse applications targeting sealing and strengthening of the corresponding infrastructures. Some of the applications are tunnels, caverns, dams, rock support systems, post-tensioned concrete structures, repair of concrete cracks and even under the baseplate of steel columns and heavy-duty vibratory machinery. In geothermal applications, the cement-based grouts are mainly used to facilitate the heat transfer between the ground and the heat carrier fluid as a thermally conductive medium. To properly use the cement-based grouts in each application, three different majors should be considered cautiously. Those majors are in general grouting materials, techniques and measurements. Accordingly, if you need to know:

  • what raw materials and mix design can fulfill your specific requirements?
  • what are the proper mixing parameters for your specific application?
  • what is the proper grouting technique that can fulfill your requirements?
  • what are the characteristics of your materials and the proper measurement methods/equipment that can reliably evaluate them?

We do provide the proper solution to your requests based on our expertise.      

Furthermore, if you have grouting materials for a specific application and need to modify them to improve the properties, we have the competence, knowledge and tools to properly investigate it and deliver the results not only in laboratory-scale but also in large industrial-scale.

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