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Business Development

How can we help you? Get in touch to discuss ideas, concepts, product development and collaborations, with focus on printed, organic, hybrid electronics and sensors.

We're used to handling delicate ideas and confidentiality, tech transfer and spin-off-companies. We collaborate globally with inventors and multi-national corporations alike.

Our toolbox encompasses innovation handling, business modelling and collaborations - technical and commercial.

Specifically we work with electronics development by means of novel production methods and materials - organic and printed electronics and combinatory systems called hybrid electronics, and soft electronics.

We're a good starting point for your interaction with RISE and we can guide you further within Sweden's leading research institute, to find the right expertise, competencies and lab resources.

Smart intrabody network with ion pumps and advanced sensors
Photo: Tor Balkhed
Smart intrabody network - prototyping

Example 1 - electronics design and prototyping

We create a network inside the body with advanced sensors and ion pumps.

Photo: Björn Norberg
Confidential R&D projects

Example 2 - Industrial projects with full confidentiality

You get access to world class labs, competence and support in your development work, from exploratory to prototyping.

We can help you address questions such as:

  • Could this be done?
  • Has it been done before?
Smart Cold Chain Indicator for temperature monitoring in cold chains
Photo: Marpe Tanaka, MSF Innovation Unit
Smart Label for temperature monitoring, in cold chains such as vaccines.

Example 3 - R&D collaborations financed by Vinnova (the Swedish Innovation Agency) or EU

More information

We help SME's, inventors and industrial/multinational companies with advanced research and labs. Our focus areas are printing technologies, electronics development and sensors - applied research in conducting polymers. We work from molecule level to prototyping and also into small series production.

The core of our business is the Printed Electronics Arena in Norrköping, Sweden - a leading Innovation Cluster with several advanced labs.

Printed Electronics Arena

Björn Norberg

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Björn Norberg

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