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Building acoustics, sound, vibrations and community noise

At RISE, we have extensive experience of helping both industry and society to assess sound and vibration properties. The most successful approach to sound design and noise abatement is to involve us early in the process to apply and optimise our scientific knowledge.

Sound and vibration is not just a matter of comfort. In fact, when sound becomes noise it is harmful both to people´s health and their productivity at work. On the other hand, a well thought-out sound design strengthens people and enhances the competitiveness of product, companies, buildings and cities.

Today's challenges for energy-efficient buildings, optimized renovations and urbanization create new needs for the buildings of the future. New types of innovative insulation materials can have significantly poorer acoustic properties. RISE works all the way from material selection and products to acoustic room design so as to ensure a good acoustic indoor environment for recreation and relaxation in our homes, creative workplaces and stimulating school premises.

Urbanization and densification of our cities also create new challenges and new opportunities for achieving a sustainable sound environment. Noise is not only an environmental problem but also affects our health. A sustainable city therefore requires that the negative effects of noise are avoided, while at the same time taking advantage of the positive effects of noise. RISE works among other with noise from transport, outdoor noise propagation and noise from wind power to create a sustainable society.

RISE offers services in:

  • Community and industrial noise
  • Sound insulation of doors
  • Sound insulation of walls
  • Sound measurement on floor covering
  • Sound insulation of windows
  • Field measurements
  • Sound properties of interior design products

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