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Bonding often needs another way of constructing and requires knowledge in both chemistry and mechanics. RISE helps our customers with a holistic approach from contact to function.

Equipment for automation bonding

Bonding is a joining method with many possibilities and applications. At RISE, we can help you choose the right type of glue and glue shape, how the surface should be pre-treated and the glue applied. Our focus is to help you reach a quality assured process. We support you in the work of gluing, final control and good working environment. If you need to disassemble the joints for repair or recycling we have several interesting techniques.

Cleaning and pre-treatment

An example of an area that is important for bonding is cleaning and pre-treatment. Our experience shows that some surfaces are harder to glue than others. Plasma treatment can be an option to help many materials reach the right surface properties.

Lightweight construction is also interesting for bonding because adhesives can join different types of materials. We have deep knowledge of how adhesives and materials behave individually and together and the impact of the process. With our equipment we can evaluate temporary and permanent shape changes, geometry fuse and follow the cracking process.


RISE has automated equipment for pre-treatment (plasma and wet chemical line), robotic adhesive equipment for string and swirl application, respectively. We have a real-time 3D scanner that measures shape changes during heating and can follow the cracking process with acoustic emission and ultrasound.


RISE offers several courses in bonding. We tailor and arrange training according to your company's unique needs, at your location or in our premises.

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