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Production and utilisation of biogas

Through more than 40 years of research and technological development in the biogas field, we have built up world-leading expertise, especially with regard to digestion of manure and small-scale biogas upgrading. We have knowledge of all parts of the biogas value chain, including waste management/planning and work from lab scale, via pilot scale and all the way up to the design and optimization of full-scale production plants.

Together with our prototype workshop, we can help you design and build complete pilot plants adapted for unique applications in the treatment of water streams or biological material. In addition, our competences have been broadened to include the operation of biological methanisation in lab scale as well as denitrification and sulfate reduction in pilot scale.

RISE competence and capacity in the field of biogas:

  • Expertise in all parts of the biogas value chain
    • Pre-treatment
    • Biological treatment: Wet and dry anaerobic digestion, Composting
    • Digestate processing
    • Gas system, gas upgrading, LBG, land-fill gas
  • Feasibility studies and basis for investment decisions
    • Planning and collection systems for waste
    • Substrate and potential assessments
    • Mass and energy balance calculations
    • Conceptual systems design
    • Technology and systems evaluation – judgement calls
  • Evaluation and optimization of active production plants
    • Collection/measurement of production data for analysis and process management support
    • Optimization of energy and water management
    • Mobile pilot plant for biogas production trials
  • Systems and technology development
    • Test-bed
    • Design and execution of laboratory and pilot trials
    • Development of innovative concepts and systems
    • Third-party review and advice


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