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Battery Fire Safety

Society is shifting from fossil-fuels to renewable energy sources and batteries are becoming increasingly more common. There are safety concerns with batteries and energy storage systems, however. To future-proof your technologies, RISE can help you better understand how these products will perform during hazardous circumstances.

Thermal runaway: Step 1, pre-flaming phase

Safe New Technologies 

RISE has a long history within fire safety and adapting this knowledge to aid in solving societal transitions and challenges. Our research and testing capabilities have allowed many products to be delivered safely and reliably. One of today's major challenges are batteries. These increasingly common energy sources can become a safety hazard when exposed to harmful environments or if a manufacturing error goes undetected. .

RISE can help you in taking steps towards achieving greater safety levels through abusive testing. This can help you achieve compliance to battery safety standards and implement appropriate mitigation measures. Examples of tests that we offer on cell, module, pack and system levels are:

  • Mechanical abuse tests such as nail penetration tests, crush tests, drop tests etc. 
  • Thermal propagation tests and evaluating safety systems and fire suppression 
  • Electrical abuse tests 
  • External fire and heat exposure 
  • Analysis of battery gas emissions to quantify toxic and flammable gasses 
Thermal runaway of a battery module: Step 2, flaming phase

Solving Societal Challenges 

Battery failure may undermine their widespread adoption and our transition towards renewable and sustainable fuels. A strong concern relates to  gas emissions, and the release of toxic and flammable gas. Their burning behaviour and potential for this to propagate throughout battery systems due to a local failure, is also a threat. RISE seeks to address these challenges to society and your business. For example, our involvement in research projects together with industry and academia have led to the following notable publications: 

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