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Aroma chemistry

<p><strong>Aroma, odour, scent – we have all the tools</strong></p>

Aroma, odours, and scents can have a tremendous impact on human’s flavour perception and experiences in general. Aroma perception is not only associated to the olfactory signals processed by humans’ brain, but also to the interconnection with other senses, such as taste, as well as human’s memory.

At the aroma chemistry laboratory, we have built our expertise throughout many years of measuring, analysing and interpreting different odours. Our main strength relies on the combination of both human senses and advanced chemistry equipment, leading us to successfully solve many practical problems.

The odour or scent represent an essential part of a product’s identity and in many occasions, this is what makes your product unique and successful in the market. We can help you to identify and design the tailored aroma profile for what your product stands for and which will fulfil the consumers expectations.

Additionally, many of our customer requests are based on the presence of a divergent or strange odour in their product. We have the equipment and experience that is needed in order to identify the molecules responsible, find out what causes this odour problem and target step along the production process originating these odours.

We offer:

  • Aroma chemical equipment consisting of gas chromatograph connected to mass spectrometry / olfactometry (GC-MS/O). In order to achieve as large analytical width, we also use other detectors (FID and FDP).
  • Knowledge about which aromas and scents that gives us sensory experiences that can be quantified.
  • A special picked and trained sensory panel that can in an objective way identify and characterise odours.
  • Staff with knowledge and experience of combining sensory panels and advanced chemical equipment.
  • Evaluation of results with guidance of possible process changes.
  • Mobil equipment for sampling of odorous components at your site.
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