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Applied signal processing and data analysis for sensor applications

RISE is a world-leading research institute that brings together Sweden’s broadest expertise in the field of sensors and sensor systems. The efficient handling and analysis of signals generated by sensors in a system is a crucial – and in many cases critical – part of a well-functioning measurement or control system.

Signal processing is everywhere in today’s modern systems, from advanced sensor monitoring in automated vehicles to smaller and more power-efficient IoT components. It aims to convert raw data from one or more sensors into information that is as valuable as possible. In the Sensor Systems unit at RISE, we have extensive experience in analogue and digital signal processing. This includes sensor systems in a wide range of applications, such as inertial navigation, process monitoring, medical technology, sport and health, magnetic and electromagnetic measurement technology, microwave radar and various IoT applications. For many years, we have been developing complete sensor systems, from early prototypes to products that are now commercially available across a variety of application areas.

RISE provides expertise in these areas:

  • General digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Machine learning and statistical analysis
  • Algorithm design
  • Kalman filtering, sensor fusion and digital filters
  • FPGA design
  • Digital communication
  • Image processing

Depending on what the application and area of use require, we develop algorithms and code for different types of hardware platforms, ranging from powerful computers with high computational power, time-critical real-time systems and single-card computers to simpler, more limited microcontrollers for embedded systems.

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Christian Jonasson

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