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Training on plant beds

Do you want to learn more about plant beds? Then this could be the course for you. 

The course is digital and is developed in collaboration with Södertälje municipality and the Vinnova project SODA.

Plant beds provide many ecosystem services and are designed and constructed to support a particular vegetation. They come in many forms and can be found in parks, streets and on roofs as well as for stormwater management.

Many professions encounter plant beds without noticing, but everyone who comes into contact with them needs to consider them. 

This course is divided into four sections dealing with different aspects of plant beds and each section is accompanied by some follow-up questions. The course can be taken in its whole in one session or a part at a time in several sessions. 

The different parts of the course are as follows. 

1.     What is a plant bed (approx. 4 min)

2.     The job of the plant bed (approx. 5 min)

3.     Building the plant bed correctly (approx. 16 min)

4.     Taking care of the plant bed (approx. 5 min)

Objectives and purpose

The aim is that anyone who encounter plant beds will know how to build the plant bed correctly (if you have that role) and how to avoid damaging already built plant beds. 

Target group

This course is suitable for those who encounter plant beds but have no basic training in the green sector. For example, if you work in the operation and maintenance of green spaces in the management of municipal green spaces, residential yards and cemeteries. It may also be suitable for those who want to refresh their skills. Managers of this target group may also benefit from the course.


Anna Pettersson Skog is a researcher at RISE in the Division of Civil Engineering and has extensive experience of working with plant beds and substrates both as an expert support to designers and as a lecturer. Anna is an appreciated lecturer and has taught at both the Gardener Education in Enköping and the Landscape Architect Education at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Anna also holds customized courses on plant beds, rain beds, green roofs and dimensioning of plant beds according to AMA, etc. for consulting companies, nurseries and others in the green sector.

Prerequisites for taking the course

The course is digital, and you can therefore take it whenever it suits you. It is held in Swedish, and the films are also subtitled in Swedish. You need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a working audio device and an internet connection.


Självstudie - online
25 Oct 2023 - 31 Dec 2025
1500 SEK (excluding VAT)
Anna Pettersson Skog

Contact person

Anna Pettersson Skog


+46 73 412 63 63

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