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Inclusive innovation

Learn the basics of inclusion and elevate your work with inclusive innovation. In this digital e-course, you will acquire tools and knowledge to integrate inclusion into your business, projects, and innovative processes. 

Research is clear: equality, diversity, and inclusion are not just about creating conditions for a well-functioning society – they are strategic business keys in operations, teams, and processes. If we exclude these aspects in technological and societal development, it risks having critical consequences and missing out on significant opportunities for innovation. With the increased demands and expectations from legislators, funders, customers, and particularly from an employer perspective, we can no longer overlook these aspects. 

Discover how active inclusion efforts and a critical approach to norms can contribute to new ways of working, the discovery of new target groups, and even new products and services. By incorporating inclusion into the process, you will create solutions that better meet the needs of users and customers, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. 

Inclusive Innovation intertwines principles of equality, equity, and norm-creative innovation to create added value and precise results. When we include different perspectives and people in the creation of products, services, and societal systems, we open the door to a range of benefits that can be crucial. 

RISE introduces a new e-learning course that provides broad knowledge of inclusion and methods for applying inclusion to enhance the organization's innovation capabilities. The training is specifically designed for those who want to actively and strategically work with inclusion in operations and projects. The course provides an expanded understanding of inclusion and norms, how bias affects us, and what legislation surrounding inclusion looks like. It offers tools, concrete exercises, and insights to translate knowledge into action. You also gain access to downloadable method materials and templates so you can continue to develop in the field after completing the course. 

In the course, you will learn: 

  • Concepts and definitions within Inclusion, such as equality, equity, diversity, and accessibility. 

  • How inclusion helps us develop better processes and solutions. 

  • Why inclusion is a business necessity and how a critical approach to norms can lead to innovation and new market segments. 

  • How to practically apply inclusion in your daily processes and projects to promote diversity and equality, not only increasing your competitiveness and creating better solutions but also contributing to a healthier work environment. 

  • How to use inclusion as a strategic resource to develop more relevant and effective products and services that cater to a broader spectrum of needs and desires. 

What is included? The course is built on lectures, interactive exercises, and texts. As a participant, you also receive method materials and templates for self-study and exercises. 

Duration: The total course duration is estimated to be approximately 5 hours, and you have access to the course for 12 months, allowing you to easily revisit and navigate the content as you wish. 

Who is the course for: This course is suitable for those working on various Research and Development projects, strategists in regions and municipalities, administrators, as well as project owners and innovation-promoting environments looking to enhance decision-making, design, and assessment processes. 

Price: 3500 SEK excluding VAT

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