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From factory to forefront

From Factory to Forefront – Explore AI in Industrial Applications

Are you working in the process- and manufacturing industry and want to reap the benefits of AI? Now you and your organisation can develop and explore the possibilities of AI together with RISE experts.

The course is directed at process and manufacturing industry and consists of a mix of theory and practice during two half-days. We aim to address several important aspects of AI and make it accessible to those who are just starting to explore the possibilities of AI. 

In this course, we will cover a breadth of examples of AI applications in the process and manufacturing industry, which have been successfully implemented to make operations more efficient and corresponding to these applications a broad spectrum of AI methodologies, ranging from traditional knowledge-based systems and machine learning to cutting-edge generative AI technologies. 

We will zoom in on the essential prerequisites needed for understanding and leveraging AI in industrial settings, including fundamental aspects of data management and computational requirements. Importantly, we will also address the legal, regulatory, and ethical considerations that are crucial for the responsible deployment of AI technologies in this sector. This course is crafted to provide a good starting point in AI for those without prior experience, offering a clear and concise overview that will prepare you to engage with more advanced concepts in the future. 

For whom?

This course is directed to everyone who is curious about the possibilities with AI belonging to an organisation who wants to explore and adopt new technologies, especially AI solutions, into their operations and gain insights in the possibilities of those solutions. The training is specifically directed to organisations in the process and manufacturing industry, and we will dig a little deeper to understand where AI is useful in your organisation

Roles of participants range from Decision Makers, Project Managers, Business Developers to Analytics Specialists and Engineers


The course focuses on four main topics, which are all accompanied with active learning sessions:

  • Current perspectives on AI and state-of-the-art
  • Data – What do you need? When do you need it? What quality is necessary?
  • AI applications in processing and manufacturing industry and the methods needed to get there.
  • A legal, regulatory and ethical perspective on AI and what to think about before you get started.

During the training the respective organisations will:

  • Understand which pain points can be addressed using AI.
  • Identify opportunities for streamlining business through cost reduction, predictive maintenance, improved quality, increased process efficiency.
  • Understand prerequisites, opportunities, benefits, and risks with AI as well as legal and regulatory perspectives.
  • Discuss several different aspects of AI with RISE’s experts.

RISE will  be able to adjust the content according to your needs and recommend each group to have similar knowledge level. Recommended group size is up to fifteen, let us know if you are more. 


  • The course is recommended as two half day sessions mixing expert presentations, workshops, and dialogues.
  • Two types of setups are offered today: Online (live) or Physical face-to-face interaction or a mix.
  • Physical courses can take place in one of the many Swedish RISE offices, or at your site.


Please contact us for more information and quote.

Course language?

  • English or Swedish

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