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Course: Specialty Optical Fibres for sensing applications in Industry

Curious to know how fiber optics can be used as sensors in industry? In this full day course, we demonstrate how fiber optic sensors are used in industry, and how custom optical fibers makes a difference.

Fiber optic sensors are used in demanding environments and in a variety of industries. In many cases, it is beneficial to design custom optical fibers for the application, so-called specialty fibers.

The aim of today's course is to practically demonstrate how fiber sensors and specialty optical fibers work, and provide a better understanding of how they can enable new products and industrial applications.

Course content

  • How does fiber optic sensing work and how does the choice of fiber make a difference?
  • How can you customize an optical fiber for your sensor needs and your specific application? 

The day will contain courses, Q&As and hands-on demonstrations.

We'll be demonstrating real-world examples of fiber sensing that use various:

  • coatings and buffer materials, 
  • waveguide designs and glass compositions,
  • modified fiber structures

to enable optical fibers that are more resistant to demanding environments, have improved sensor properties, and/or enables measurement of new quantities.

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NOTE: the course date of May 15th is preliminary, it might be changed. Contact us and we'll keep you updated.  

The training takes place within the framework of the EU project PhotonHub. The course is held in English, on site at the RISE laboratories in Kista/Stockholm. The course can accommodate a limited number of participants.

Registration is done via the form at the bottom of this page. 

Contact us for more information.  

Who should attend?

The course is intended for development engineers and business developers who are curious to know how fiber optics can be used in industrial applications.

A basic knowledge of fiber optics is preferred but not necessary.

Related: 2 hour free webinar on fiber optic sensing. This short webinar is a perfect background, but not required to benefit from the full day training. 

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Photonhub Demo spring 2024
Isafjordsgatan 22 Kista Sweden
15 May 2024
300 Eur (including course fee and lunch) (excluding VAT)

Preliminary program:

09-10, Introduction, visit of RISE facilities and virtual tour of a fibre draw tower

10-12, Course: Design parameters and fabrication of specialty optical fibres. Benefits of using specialty optical fibres for sensing applications in industry

13-14, Case study: Enhanced sensitivity using optimized fibre glass composition. Demo 1: Improved acoustic sensing using specialty fibres (hands-on)

14-15, Case Study: Fibre coating for sensing in harsh environment. Demo 2: Distributed Temperature Sensing in High-Voltage environment (hands-on)

15-16, Case study: Enabling new sensing functionalities by changing the fibre structure design. Demo 3: Poled optical fibres for measuring voltage (hands-on)

16-16.30, From laboratory to product: technical quality, certifications and accreditations

16.30-17, Follow-Up Questions & Close

Åsa Claesson


Åsa Claesson

+46 70 221 16 46

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Photonhub Demo spring 2024

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NOTE: the course date (May 15th 2024) is preliminary.

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