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Roadmap for Swedish industry

What does Swedish industry need to strengthen its competitiveness in a sustainable society for the next 10-15 years? This question is addressed in "Roadmap - Technology, materials and capabilities for sustainable industrial competitiveness", a project run by RISE on behalf of Vinnova and Teknikföretagen.

The answer: more digital technology, more new materials, and an increased ability to make use of this. In addition, a competence strategy is also required. The required digital technology includes AI, IoT, cyber security, software development and digital infrastructure. On the material side, these are new metallic materials, advanced smart materials, bio-based materials and additive manufacturing. Equally important as technology development is the ability to apply and utilize the business opportunities with the new technology. Central to this is the capacity for innovation and transformation in not only companies, but also the public sector, institutes and academia.

The work with Roadmap has included a wide range of interviews and workshops with leading representatives of industry, industry organizations and academics. The collected and analyzed results will be published here in the form of a comprehensive report as well as a 20-page summary, which will also be available in printed format.