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Stay relevant in the coming years – with the right insights and effective measures

The new technological, demographic, social and political changes in society can present both major problems and fantastic opportunities. Are you seeing all the opportunities, risks and consequences that come in the wake of the changes and new requirements? Are you aware of what new decisions, plans and policies will be needed in your particular line of business?
“Instead of groping in the dark, you can gain a lot of time by turning to us,” says Andreas Johansson, research and business area manager at RISE.

It is anything but easy to acquire an overview and knowledge of developments in society at both the meta and micro levels, and based on this, to make the right analyses, draw up a roadmap, see development opportunities in the new landscape and identify strategic measures. All enterprises have blind spots or blinders. This all takes a lot of time.

Difficult assessments

Which technology should we invest in? Which skills are needed? How will new regulations affect operations? How do we get started? How do we continue? How should we update our business model? Who can we work with?

“Businesses often find it difficult to assess the power of the coming changes and how much they may affect their own operations,” says Andreas Johansson. “This can quickly lead to becoming irrelevant. Everyone knows how quickly things went downhill for Kodak and Nokia, for example.”

RISE offers transition management in the form of open-source intelligence studies, strategic roadmaps, future scenarios and policy development that help your enterprise navigate the winds of change.

“We have early insight into what is often unknown to the enterprises themselves, such as the latest developments in everything from artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and electrification to governance, innovation management, circular transition and skills transition,” says Andreas Johansson.

En eye around the corner

While consulting firms often have a good grasp of what’s currently available in a specific market, RISE focuses on what’s coming around the corner – in a very broad range of areas – that may not even have yet influenced your industry.

“It's crucial to see and understand things that may affect your industry, sector or enterprise,” says Andreas Johansson. “Through RISE, you gain new perspectives, valuable input and the ability to move forward with more informed decisions. We bring in with many different perspectives, and can propose projects, new technologies or new partners to carry your enterprise forward.”

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