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Metkel Yebio sits in front of his computer screen at the office

"RISE provides a platform for collaboration and networking"

Dr Metkel Yebiyo and his colleagues take on one of the most urgent matters of our time – the transformation to a sustainable energy system. 

Metkel Yebiyo wears two hats at work. His primary role is as a researcher in the Heating and Cooling Technologies unit, where his main focus is Heat Pumping Technologies, an energy effective, cost-effective and climate-neutral technology that will play a significant role in tackling the world’s current dependence on fossil fuels. 

– For over a century, societies have been reliant on fossil fuels for powering their economies - around 80% of the world’s energy supply is fossil fuels. But governments and policy makers are beginning to realize that heat pumping technologies will play a significant role in providing a sustainable alternative technology. 

Metkel is also the editor of the Heat Pumping Technology Magazine, published by Heat Pump Centre (HPC), a world-leading knowledge center for heat pumping technologies.

– Through my work in HPC, I contribute to creating global research collaborations that have a major impact on societal development.  

We have an open and honest communication, which to me is the foundation of a successful team.

Teamwork makes the dream work 

Collaboration is a big part of Metkel’s work. At RISE, he collaborates with colleagues through common research projects or in meetings where they brainstorm, share ideas and news of the energy industry. They also help each other’s development by sharing knowledge, providing feedback and helping each other with challenges they may face. He explains several factors as crucial for the strong team spirit:

– We have an open and honest communication, which to me is the foundation of a successful team. Every team member is treated equally, we respect each other’s roles, and we consider each team member's opinion. As a tradition, we also have a scheduled Fika-time every Tuesday and Friday, and I know how important that is in Swedish culture. Those things may seem very small, but together they have a large impact when it comes to lifting the team spirit. 

What is the best thing about working at RISE? 

– There’s a lot of “best things about working at RISE”, but I will mention two things. First, I find it inspiring and engaging to work in the energy field at RISE, primarily because we contribute to making it possible to achieve a safe, energy- and cost-effective and climate-neutral energy system. And second, RISE offers a platform for networking, meeting and collaborating with the academia, industry and various market participants and decision markers, of which I appreciate being a part. 

What makes you curious?

– For me, curiosity is the driving force behind being a researcher. I’m always curious about the renewable technology developments of our future. Questions like “where will we be in 2050?” sparks my curiosity. 

What would you say is the best innovation of all time?

– Here I have to be biased and name the invention of heat pumping technologies. A recent study by the international energy agency shows that we will need to install around 1,8 billion heat pumps between now and 2050, which clearly shows the importance of this innovation in fighting climate change and providing an alternative technology for supplying our economy.

Facts about Metkel

Working at RISE since 2021

Plays three different musical instruments

Worked 15 years in The UK


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