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Malin Frenning CEO RISE

Our activities must constantly evolve

As a research institute, RISE has a key role in linking together academia and industry. RISE's CEO describes a year of new initiatives and continued development of the business.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and perceived weaknesses in global supply chains, several countries are now making extensive investments to strengthen their industrial competitiveness. Against this background, the outcome of the forthcoming research and innovation bill is of great importance for where companies choose to invest in research and development. Our analysis for the bill shows that access to expertise, research infrastructure and test and demonstration environments, as well as opportunities for collaboration with other companies and academia, can be crucial to this. A strong research institute like RISE fulfils an important role for Sweden.

When I stepped in as CEO of RISE in the autumn of 2023, I was met by employees with unique skills and who are passionate about making a difference in collaboration with industry, the public sector and academia. An organisation that focuses on sustainable growth through high-quality applied research and development and the accessibility of technology infrastructure.

One of the most important events of the year at RISE is the inauguration of the facilities at SEEL, the Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory. The electrification of the transport sector is crucial if Sweden is to achieve its climate goals. SEEL brings together different parts of the industry, which is important for accelerating the transition.

2023 was also a year when RISE was commissioned to establish a knowledge hub for animal production so that relevant knowledge can be utilised in the industry. We launched a centre for industrial and urban symbiosis and inaugurated a new test track at AstaZero that includes a complete test environment for mines. It also became clear that the European Commission has appointed RISE as a reference laboratory for medical devices for in vitro diagnostics. As one of two laboratories in Europe, RISE will evaluate in vitro diagnostic products used to diagnose virus-borne upper respiratory infections.

During the past year, we have also greatly strengthened our position in total defence and increased brand awareness among our key stakeholders.

A turbulent environment with high costs and uncertainty in the market also poses financial challenges for RISE. To achieve a balanced budget, we initiated a programme for operational excellence with a focus on reducing costs and redirecting operations in line with market needs. We will continue to prioritise and develop our operations towards areas where we strengthen Swedish competitiveness and make the greatest contribution to the transition to a more sustainable society. This is how we can be relevant to our customers and the world around us and ensure that knowledge is translated into new products and services.

With these words, I would like to thank all customers, partners and employees for a good cooperation during the past year!

Malin Frenning

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Malin Frenning


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