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Mobilisation for applied AI

The development of artificial intelligence is now progressing so rapidly in all industries and encompassing so many areas – from AI technology to ethics and law – that it is difficult even for experts and specialists to recognise all the opportunities and challenges. The Applied AI Centre at RISE will help companies and government agencies to see more potential in the technology, use it more wisely and develop it faster.

While AI technology can lead to huge leaps forward, it can also result in missteps. Misguided approaches and missed opportunities are commonplace when management teams decide to invest in development projects out of a desire to be at the forefront and keep up with development.

– “The term AI often stands in the way of development,” says Sverker Janson, Head of the Applied AI Centre at RISE. “AI is a ‘how’ not a ‘what’. AI is not the end goal, it’s a means to an end. AI just happens to be what we call the field that provides the smartest methods for using information.”

Easy to develop tunnel vision

Keeping track of how AI tools are evolving – and how they can be applied in different industries and support areas – is challenging. It is easy to develop tunnel vision, where you view development as a field unto itself.

The venture benefits from RISE working both with AI technology itself and with the trade and industry and societal areas in which AI is applied – as well as with other areas needed for AI’s application, such as digital innovation, education and digital ethics.

– “No other organisation has the same combination of breadth, expertise and applied perspective on AI like RISE does,” says Janson. “We have researchers and extremely qualified experts in all relevant areas. With the venture, our business and government partners gain more efficient access to our entire range of expertise and more strategic AI assistance.”


According to Janson, the initiative can be seen as a ‘one-stop shop’ for RISE’s research, expertise and knowledge related to AI:

– “All aspects involving AI are brought together and coordinated. The projects we participate in are often specialised, so it sometimes requires top-tier expertise just to understand what needs to be done. This initiative makes it easier to incorporate the relevant expertise. If a RISE partner has an AI-related project that leads to ethical dilemmas, a natural course of action will be for one of our digital ethics experts to attend the next meeting.”

Systematic and transparent

Access to this expertise has existed in the past, but only informally.

– “It has been more random, such as when a contact person happens to know a certain expert personally. We are systematising this and creating more transparency.”

Another element in the venture involves enhancing skills and competencies internally at RISE with increased knowledge exchange between experts and researchers from the organisation’s different areas.

– “The whole of RISE is accelerating its ability to help partners take advantage of the opportunities offered by AI,” concludes Janson.


The Center for Applied AI at RISE carries out cutting-edge research in AI, connects expertise and applications within RISE, and explores a wide range of innovative applications with industry and the public sector.


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