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Industrialisation and verification

Test beds and demonstration environments, technical evaluation and verification as well as prototypes and pilot production are some of RISE's offerings in industrialisation and verification.

Test beds and demonstration environments  

The ability to test and evaluate ideas at an early stage increases the pace of innovation, reduces risks and streamlines product, process and method development. The advantages of utilising a test and development environment are many, although the most important are reduced development costs and shorter lead times between concept and marketing.

Our approximately 100 testbeds and demonstration environments are open to businesses, academia and the public sector. Here, tomorrow’s materials, products, services and processes can be upscaled and tested under real-world conditions. Test beds can be used for both direct commercial assignments and as a resource in joint research and innovation projects.

Every testbed and demonstration environment is surrounded by an extensive network of expertise and stakeholders.

We offer:

  • Equipment adapted to industrial uses
  • Qualified operators and technicians
  • Expert competence
  • Consultation and problem formulation
  • Supplemental testing and analysis
  • National and international networks
  • Forums for the exchange of expertise and business development
  • Training and skills development
  • Funding opportunities


RISE has been tasked with making test beds more accessible, increasing the benefits of existing test beds and meeting future needs for test beds. In we have created a channel and network for increased awareness of test beds. Testbed Sweden is a digital service that gathers Swedish test beds and details the services they can provide, as well as describing the benefits that test beds can bring to you, your business and society at large.

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Vad är en testbädd?

Testbädden är en viktig del av ekosystemet för innovation – för effektiv utveckling och marknadsintroduktion av nya produkter, processer och tjänster. I begreppet testbädd samlas allt från utrustning och pilotmaskiner till policy labs, virtuella och utforskande miljöer med tillhörande expertis för ständig utveckling. Här möts kompetens, branscher, problemägare och användare för att tillsammans utveckla framtidens innovationer.

Technical evaluation and verification

Verification of processes or services is an important element of development work and for ensuring compliance with requirement specifications and standards. RISE is a leading international partner of the business sector and public-sector stakeholders in the field of technical evaluation and verification. We are accredited for a wide range of methods and standards and also offer technical evaluation and expertise in fields where international standardised methods have yet to be developed.

Prototypes and pilot production 

Prototypes and small-scale production are important steps for both startups and mature businesses. RISE offers knowledge and infrastructure for developing functional prototypes and pilot productions in a number of fields.