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Support for innovative start-ups and scale-ups in ClimateTech, HealthTech and DeepTech

Innovative start-ups and scale-ups with disruptive and scalable solutions play a crucial role in the transition to a sustainable society. Through RISE expertise, infrastructure and networks in the innovation system, we work in close collaboration with these companies and support them in taking their next development step.

We find and attract funding together with the company, but also offer unique capacity in the form of expertise and test beds. In this way, we reduce the time to launch, lower the risk and help create competitive companies for an international market.

The offer is particularly strong in climate-tech which includes but is not limited to sustainable energy and energy storage, future food and agriculture, new materials and circular solutions within bioeconomy. We also work closely with the most innovative companies in health-tech and deep-tech. 

Guidance and support through the funding landscape

For innovation within ClimateTech, HealthTech and DeepTech, there is a very extensive financing landscape, which can, however, be difficult for the individual company to orientate within. RISE offers guidance to the right financing tools and acts as an advisor in the preparation of applications for public support, and in some situations can also facilitate guidance to private investors.

The type of soft funding available depends on the stage of maturity.

  • In the very early stages, there are smaller calls (0.3-0.5 MSEK), often with a high level of support (100%)
  • When the company is ready to verify its solution with the customer, there are slightly larger calls (3-5 MSEK), often with a 50% level of support
  • For some types of innovations, such as various industrial solutions, large-scale demonstration is required, which can be very capital-intensive - here it is possible to apply for very large grants, often with a 45% level of support

Leading technical expertise and test beds

RISE's leading expertise facilitates the development journey towards commercialisation and industrialisation. Supported by our infrastructure, our experts complement and fill in capacity gaps in the company that is about to take its next development step. Quite simply, RISE can act as the link between the laboratory and the industrial environment. For many innovative companies, it is critical to leave the lab as quickly as possible, start working on a small industrial scale and test their solution in a real-life environment.

RISE also has a central role in the innovation system with a broad network in academia, industry and society and can therefore provide companies with valuable guidance. With our broad  industry contacts, RISE can be the link between innovative start-ups/scale-ups, industrial players and large companies for the further development of new smart and radical solutions.

"As an early-stage start-up, we could not afford our own infrastructure and therefore access to an experienced technical partner like RISE Processum was highly valuable for initial process development and scale-up activities. This was essential to validate our biorefinery process for customers, partners and investors" - Thomas Baumgarten, CTO & Co-founder, Reselo AB

How does the support process work?

  • Initial counselling meeting with RISE to review the company's innovative solution, how far the company has come from various perspectives and what their next development step looks like 
  • Based on this, we identify the most appropriate type or mix of funding, such as various public calls, EU funding or equity capital. We also look at whether development capacity, such as expertise or access to test beds, is lacking to enable the company to take its next development step
  • This is followed by a number of meetings to ensure that the company fulfils the criteria for a specific call and that the activities in the implementation plan are eligible
  • We also connect the company with relevant experts and test beds within RISE, which are needed for further development


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