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Futures analysis on a scientific basis future-proofs your business in a turbulent world

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Digitalisation, technology shifts and climate change are global megatrends affecting all businesses. Does your organization keep track of current developments that will impact your business in the future, new market formations, and changing societal norms? RISE’s futures analysis gives you tomorrow’s insights today. A futures analysis based on the latest research will aid the decision-making for the right strategic priorities, investments, and innovations to future-proof your business.

Today, boards and executive management often use current trends and directions when planning for the future, as well as for adapting to new developments. Businesses that fail to analyse emerging trends and critical uncertainties risk missing important changes unfolding in the market. Such businesses take the danger of getting stuck in outdated systems and losing relevance. 

What is a futures analysis on a scientific basis?

An futures analysis on  a scientific basis is built around foresight, which is an interdisciplinary scientific field encompassing everything from technology and innovation to political, environmental, economic and social issues. RISE often conducts futures analyses linked to sustainability and transitions towards climate-neutral and circular systems, technology, and enterprise, but also leverages methods linked to other transitions, such as digitalisation, industrial restructuring, demographic change and behavioural change. A scientifically based futures analysis with RISE consists of components such as external and system analysis, trend impact analysis and scenario analysis together with other suitable tools, frameworks and models.

By conducting a futures analysis with RISE, your business gains access to experts in a wide range of relevant fields, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, circular economy, life cycle analysis, material recycling, resource management, energy transition and much, much more. RISE is a state-owned research institute that conducts futures analyses with a scientific basis centred on your business. Each process is tailored to the business and market in question and is conducted in close concert with the customer. This way, representatives from your operations gain a deep understanding of the futures process, from analysis to results, offering even greater benefits to your organization.

How does it work?

We schedule an initial meeting to discuss your needs to understand potential scope of the project. This is  followed by a feedback meeting concerning the quote and process, where methods and tools will have been tailored to suit your needs. These intitial meetings are free of charge. A quote for an independent futures analysis with a scientific basis starts at around SEK 200,000 and varies according to scope and complexity. Following approval, a team is assembled at RISE based on the required disciplines and methodologies. We conclude by compiling the various analyses and can, for example, provide proposals concerning future direction and the potential for new business opportunities in a final report.

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