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Ensure a Resilient and Sustainable Water Supply – for daily operations and in crises

Municipalities are responsible for the daily water supply. Municipalities are also responsible for water supply during a crisis. Examples of crises include water shortages due to drought, contamination due to hazardous accidental spills, and sabotage in the course of warfare. Ensure that your municipality has a resilient and sustainable water supply for both daily operations and during crises with RISE as a partner.  

Having a resilient and sustainable water supply means that local residents have access to clean water of a good quality every day, all year round. No matter what happens. A resilient and sustainable water supply also means that agriculture and industry get the water they need and do not have to reduce their operations or, in the worst case, shut down due to a lack of quality water.

Based on the Drinking Water Directive, RISE can help your municipality to safeguard a resilient and sustainable water supply. RISE can carry out demand forecasting and scenario analyses for your municipality based on your current water supply objectives and prerequisites relating to water demand and access to water, as well as for the future based on different scenarios concerning societal development and climate change, which covers diverse perspectives from households to agriculture and companies.

Demand forecasting and scenario analyses form the basis for an updated water supply plan, which will ensure a resilient and sustainable water supply for the municipality.

If a municipality does not have an updated and comprehensive water supply plan, it may become difficult to rationally and efficiently meet increased water needs and potential crises. It also result in increased costs for the municipality and the community.

Tailored, expert team for your municipality’s challenges

RISE is a governmental, independent research institute with both broad and deep expertise in water supply, sewage and urban runoff management, crisis preparedness, AI, digitalisation and cybersecurity, community development, jurisprudence, and many other fields. By partnering with RISE, you get access to a tailored, expert team based on your challenges. Since RISE is a government-owned research institute, we also provide you with wholly unbiased expert advice based on the unique situation in your municipality.

RISE collaborates with many municipalities, county administrative boards, authorities, and other operators, providing a broad system perspective as well as enabling further exchange of experience between municipalities along with opportunities for cross-border collaboration.  

What RISE can offer your municipality

Based on the conditions and objectives of your municipality, RISE will carry out demand forecasting and scenario analyses. In consultation with you, we will create a robust, updated water supply plan that will ensure a resilient and sustainable water supply for both daily operations and during a crisis. The new water supply plan provides assurance for municipal authorities and the municipality’s residents, as well as for agriculture and industries. The updated water supply plan comprises an overview of the municipality’s current and future needs, along with scenario descriptions of potential crises. The updated water supply plan also provides a strategy for how the municipality safeguards water supply and addresses risks by charting and prioritising measures to be taken.

Through continued collaboration, RISE can assist in implementing measures and any other necessary implementation to ensure that the updated water supply plan is fulfilled.

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