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Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference 2024

Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC) 2024

Welcome to the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference (NWBC), where the latest discoveries and innovations in bio-based materials, chemicals, and products from biorefineries will be presented.

Call for abstracts open until 16 April

This time, the conference is arranged in Örnsköldsvik, where the heart of RISE's research and innovation arena in biorefinery, Bioeconomy Arena, is located. In the midst of the magnificent nature of the High Coast, the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference will offer a meeting place between research, innovation and industry, with a focus on value chains for the commercialisation of forest industrial biorefineries.

This year's theme is From Science To Transition. The following program with key note speakers will soon be presented on this site.

Fees and how to register

Fees are listed in Event details on this site. We have Early bird-tickets for those of you who register before the 1st of March. Please note that there are two different registration links. The difference between these links is national and international VAT, so make sure you choose the right registration link.

Register with VAT in Sweden

 If you pay VAT in Sweden, use the link here.

Register with VAT outside of Sweden

If you pay VAT abroad, use the link here. 


It will be possible to pre-book meetings for matchmaking with other participants during the conference. More information to come.  

Accommodation and transport

We have listed three great accommodations in Örnsköldsvik for your stay that will that give you discounted prices . You book your own stay. We will arrange transport between the conference and the hotels. More information about transport and accomodation can be find here. 

Information for students

Student (PhD-students/MSc) presenters are eligible for a further reduced conference fee, Student fee, that will be communicated upon confirmation of an accepted abstract (oral/poster). To apply for a student fee, student presenters are required to also submit a recommendation letter written by their supervisor when submitting their abstract. Recommendation letters are sent to Find more information on how to apply at Call for abstract

Call for abstracts open until 16 April

The 11th Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference call for research abstracts and industrial case studies for submission is open. Deadline for submission is extended until 16 April 2024

We’re interested of new research carried out in academia, industry, research institutes that has not been previously presented at conferences. We invite to submit abstracts of academic research and/or of industrial case studies/projects carried out in industry within the field of wood biorefinery.  

Topics that will be covered:  

  • Policy/legislation 
  • Feedstock 
  • Side-streams 
  • Materials 
  • Bio-based chemicals 
  • Transporation fuels  
  • LCA/TEA 
  • Upscaling 
  • National and international programmes 
  • Digitalization/AI technologies 



How to apply

Abstract template (docx, 32.69 KB)

Event details
15 Oct 2024 - 17 Oct 2024
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

Registration until 06.10.24 (including VAT)

Registration until 06.10.24 (exclusive VAT)

Until 06.10.2024 
> 1150 € (ex. VAT) 

Students 500 € (ex. VAT)


Dag 1

  • 8:00 Registration 
    (Reception open 8:00- 17:15)
  • 09:00 Welcome and opening session
  • Presentations
  • Swedish fika /Poser mingel
  • Presentations
  • 12:20 Lunch
  • Presentations
  • Swedish fika /Poser mingel
  • Pitchrace
  • Presentations
  • 16:40 Summary of the day
  • 16:50 Busses to the Mingel
  • 17:00 Örnsköldsviks municipallity mingel at Nöjesbolaget
  • 19:00 End of day 1

Dag 2

  • 08:00 Student Breakfast / Registration
    (Reception open 7:45-17:30)
  • 09:00 Phd/SME Pitchrace
  • 10:00 Matchmaking
    Prebooked meetings and spontainiusly speeddating
  • Swedish fika during matchmaking
  • Presentations 
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • Presentations
  • Swedish fika/Poster Mingel
  • Presentations
  • Fireside chat/panel 
  • 16:45 Summary of the day
  • 17:00 Time for Leasure and busses to hotels
  • 19:00-23:00 Dinner at Statt (only pre booked)

Dag 3

  • 09:00 Registration
    (Reception open 8:30-16:30)
  • 09:00 Presentations
  • Swedish fika /Poster Mingel
  • Presentations
  • 12:10 Lunch
  • Presentations 
  • Swedish fika/Poster Mingel
  • Fireside chat /panel
  • 15:30 Closing session
  • 16:00 Busses to the hotel 
Helena Näsström

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Helena Näsström

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