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Electricity markets and grid regulation

The design and function of the electricity market is of central importance to facilitate the energy system transition and to reach set sustainability goals. RISE contributes with expertise and research competence for developing future policies, market designs and to analyze business opportunities for market actors.

The transition of the energy system is one of the main challenges to reach set sustainability goals and targets. The electricity system is foreseen to play an even more central role in the future sustainable energy system due to possibilities for renewable electricity generation and electrification of e.g. transport and industry sectors. A crucial aspect to facilitate this development is the design and function of the electricity market since this defines the basis for the economic conditions for the market actors performing the required investments. Policy, market design and grid regulations are therefore identified as important research and development areas in road maps and strategic development plans.

RISE offers expertise and research competence in this area, for example concerning market design, regulation of networks and electricity trading. Our competences and abilities can be applied in research and analyses concerning for example socio-economic impact analyses of market rules and designs, and business case analyses for different actors under various market and system scenarios.


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