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RISE Learning Machines Seminars

Learning Machines Seminars

Learning Machines Seminars gathers experts in AI for an open weekly seminar! Seminars include presentations on a current topic on machine learning.

Weekly presentations on current topics in machine learning research. Meet people and listen to AI experts at RISE as well as invited speakers from academia and industry.

Due to Covid-19, the seminar series is currently completely virtual. Join our video presentations at Zoom, on Thursdays at 15. We hope that the situation will be under control as soon as possible so that we can resume our seminars at our premises in Stockholm and Gothenburg, where we always combine our seminars with coffee and cinnamon rolls!

Connect with Zoom at this link:

For more information, and to subscribe to our mailing list for information on upcoming seminars, contact the course administrator. 

Upcoming seminars:

  • 2021-04-08: Easter break: No seminar this week
  • 2021-04-15: Rami Mochaourab, RISE: TBA
  • 2021-04-22: Aleksis Pirinen, Lund University: Intro to Policy-Based RL and Applications in Computer Vision
  • 2021-04-29: Ariel Ekgren, RISE (Art from the weights)
  • 2021-05-06, Rajkumar Saini, Luleå University of Technology, Electroencephalography (EEG) in various applications

Previous seminars:

All recorded seminars have also been put into a YouTube playlist

  • 2021-04-01: Han Wang, RISE: Federated Learning for IoT Security (slides)
  • 2021-03-25: Learning Machines Flash Talks
  • 2021-03-18: Daniel F. Perez-Ramirez, RISE: Introduction and recent advances on graph representation learning
  • 2021-03-11: Maria Bånkestad, RISE/Uppsala University: Geometric deep learning with graph neural networks (slides)
  • 2021-02-25: Sepideh Pashami, RISE/Halmstad University: Causal-Aware Machine Learning
  • 2021-02-11: Jesper Derehag, Ericsson: Machine learning in practice – the engineering perspective
  • 2021-02-04: Olof Görnerup, RISE: Evolution in natural and artificial systems
  • 2021-01-28: Marinos Koutsomichalis, Technological University of Cyprus: Non-solutionist and Post-optimal approaches to AI Research
  • 2021-01-21: Learning Machines Flash Talks

2020 seminars:

Goal and purpose

Learning Machines Seminars are excellent opportunities to network and listen to presentations from experts in the AI field.

Target audience

Everybody is welcome.


AI experts.


Seminars each Thursday at 15:00.

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Attendance is free of charge and open to everyone.

Thursdays at 15:00 CET: Connect with Zoom

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