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Introduction to Nanophotonics - technologies and applications in Sustainable Environment & Energy

Are you curious to learn what Photonics is and how it is used? In this short course, you will be introduced to nanophotonic technologies and their applications in Energy and Sustainable environment. The course will also describe how you can benefit from the European network PhotonHub Europe, for technology and business development in the field.

You'll find photonics almost everywhere, from cameras and traffic lights to within advanced medical equipment and telecom systems. The technologies inside the systems differ, with the common denominator that photons are used to bring intelligence to the systems. 

Course content 

The course will give a comprehensive overview of nanophotonics technologies and applications. The training provides an open forum for attendees to ask questions to experts in the field of nanophotonic technologies and a wide range of application areas.

The course also gives an overview of technical and business support measures provided by PhotonHub Europe and other photonic initiatives in the European ecosystem.

Who should attend?

The course is intended for those curious to learn about nanophotonics in general, and the opportunities the technology brings. If you are a technology- or business developer, and you want to get an overview over the area, this short course is for you!

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The training is offered within the framework of the EU project PhotonHub. The course is held in English, on-line via zoom, from the RISE laboratories in Kista/Stockholm.

Registration is done at PhotonHub's website, direct link to the registration via the 'Registration' button on this page.

Contact us for more information.

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Web based,

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Digital - live,

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Photonhub Nano-intro spring 2022
31 May 2022
No charge
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