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Workplace-related research as methodology

The AFoU network's quality criteria for workplace-related research.

Quality criteria AFoU

Through workplace-related research as a methodology in R&D projects, we can create both research height and practical benefit in workplaces. The AFoU network has developed eight quality criteria for workplace-related research:

a. Interactive ways of working

  • Research with and for the workplace. Early involvement.

b. Proactivity

  • Striving to prevent rather than remedy ill-health.

c. Collaboration with union and social partners

  • Starting point from the needs of the social partners and collaboration.

d. Research in partnership

  • Collaboration between companies / organizations and research, creating partnerships without bias.

e. Multidisciplinary

  • Different research perspectives, different workplace perspectives.

f. High degreeof applicability

  • Solution-oriented research, entails practical application.

g. Transparencyduring, under and after projects

  • Two or three way communication from the beginning, dialogue, follow-up, continuous feedback.

h. Balance between interests of different stakeholders

  • Integrity, taking into account several perspectives.

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