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Whistleblowing service

As a stakeholder in RISE, you have an important role to play in raising the alarm if you suspect that anything conflicts with applicable legislation or our ethical guidelines.

By providing information, you allow us to prevent or rectify a situation in which something has gone wrong. Our whistle-blower service is used in cases where irregularities have occurred. This service has been outsourced to solutions provider WhistleB.

You can access the reporting form, which is a component of the communications tool used in our whistle-blowing service, at


WhistleB provides a third-party service for whistle blowing, which ensures the anonymity of whistle blowers in all communications with their employer. The service is entirely decoupled from the employer's IT systems and web services. WhistleB does not store IP addresses or other personal data that can be linked to the whistle blower. This makes it impossible to trace the identity of an anonymous whistle blower. All reports are strongly encrypted and can only be decrypted by specified individuals. WhistleB itself cannot decrypt and read reports.

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FAQs about WhistleB