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DSWM - Sampling Wattmeter

We are pleased to be able to provide for purchase our top-of-the-line power measuring system for power quality. Either as a complete system or as parts of a system. We can also provide advice or knowledge transfer. Please feel free to contact RISE Measurement Technology for further information.


Who needs a DSWM?

Accurate measurements of power and related quantities is required in many situations:

  • Verification of power quality calibrators and analyzers.
  • Verification of power and energy reference equipment.
  • In standards laboratories to ensure measurement techniques and equipment meet appropriate standards.

Complete DSWM systems are now being used at Fluke as a primary reference for the Fluke 6100A Electrical Power Standard and also at national standards laboratories such as A*STAR in Singapore and the Czech metrology institute, CMI. Our current shunts and voltage dividers are being used in more than fifteen laboratories around the world.


The DSWM is a primary reference for electrical power and related quantities.

  • Voltage, current, power, impedance, harmonics 
  • Flicker and other modulation measurements  
  • 50 ppm accuracy
  • 50 mV … 1000 V
  • 5 mA … 100 A
  • 15 Hz … 5 kHz 
  • Flexible & easy to use

To the right are links to more technical information, such as technical specifications, international publications and results from international comparisons.


In 1999 a co-worker of RISE published a doctoral thesis - Power measurement techniques for non-sinusoidal conditions. One result of this work was the development of a Digital Sampling Watt Meter, DSWM.

This has enabled the better treatment of harmonics when measuring electrical power and other AC quantities, as well as the establishment of an improved national reference for electrical power in Sweden.

Over the years, the DSWM has been improved and supplied with state of the art voltage dividers and coaxial current shunts of RISE-design.

Looking forward

In our modern society, electric energy and electricity network systems are of vital importance. Future development will include small scale production such as at windmills and with solar power and there is much discussion about smart grids and the next generation of cars will be hybrid vehicles with batteries which must be“fuelled” by the electricity network. As a result, electricity will increase in importance and with it the importance of traceable measurements of electrical power and energy.

The DSWM developed at RISE has proven to be versatile and is widely adopted for the emerging electricity market.


Phase-locking to the signal to be measured, highly accurate sampling devices


We deliver complete systems or parts like our high-precision, coaxial voltage dividers and current shunts.


Please contact one of the persons listed on this page, to order or to ask for more information.



DSWM - a Digital Multifunctional Sampling WattMeter standard


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RISE is Sweden's NMI (National Metrology Institute) and is, according to the Swedish constitution, responsible for the central measurement quantities in the International System of Units, SI.