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Evidence and Implementation for Digital Methodology in Health and Social Care

Investigate mechanisms for increased quality, security and efficiency in healthcare through the transformative power of digitalisation by bringing together existing research, reports and competence to structure the evidence base so that the opportunity for the right digital method in the right context increases and thereby accelerates implementatio

Digital development in healthcare has created a great need for research into how welfare technology and digital care and services affect the quality, design, accessibility and more of care. Despite the great interest from actors, decision-makers and academics, the research basis on these issues is limited. As new digital tools that change digital and physical care services and processes are constantly evolving, academia is too slow without agile applied evidence research is needed. The fact that technology is crucial also creates challenges in academia, as research within higher education institutions is usually lacking in multidisciplinary attitudes.

In terms of systemic effects at both macro and micro level of digital healthcare services, the scientific basis today is very small. Unfortunately, it is difficult to transfer international research to Swedish conditions, as the design of healthcare and care in general and differs greatly between different countries. The introduction of welfare technology in Sweden today is very factional and experience of these efforts lacks national dissemination. This leads to a major shortcoming in structured evidence creation, which in turn makes implementation support and processes for the digital transformative difficult to develop.

The aim of the project is to investigate mechanisms for increased quality, security, and efficiency in healthcare through the transformative power of digitalisation.

The project aims to strengthen the structured evidence base so that the opportunity for the right digital methodology in the right context increases and thereby accelerates the pace of implementation.

RISE as a national actor has an opportunity to create a national perspective that will be unique. The following concrete impact targets are seen:

  • Set a structured national evidence base that is demanded by both public and private actors around digital care services in relation to traditional care
  • Create a platform for further research and business opportunities together with individual actors or consortia on more specific challenges
  • Create increased quality and security for both profession and patient/user in the use of digital methodology
  • New mechanisms, processes, and effect logic to more easily integrate healthcare and care around digital methodology.
  • Accelererad implementation
  • Internal multidisciplinary knowledge building in harmony with the representatives of a broad, competitive, and future secured offer from RISE where 3 divisions are involved (Digital Systems, Security and Transport, and Civil Engineering).

The project has the following project objectives:

  • Compile and research the impact created by the use of welfare technology in care and how it affects the entire patient and the patient's care and care situation. This with a national approach.
  • Create an impact logic around integrating healthcare with digital methodology and technology. The effect logic is based on structured implementation mechanisms.
  • Quality assured measurements how experiences, security and the quality of digital care services in comparison with traditional care.
  • Create impact logic around remuneration and funding models to accelerate the use of digital methodology. This can be done through so-called Social bounds.


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Evidence and Implementation



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3 år

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3 750 000




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Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being
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