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whole body monitoring system with bioluminescence

Positive impact of whole body imaging in preclinical research

Welcome to a breakfast seminar on usefulness of a whole body monitoring system with bioluminescence, also called IVIS, to follow disease progression or effeciency of treatment in preclinical research. The seminar will be broadcasted on Teams, Friday, December 16 from 8 am to 9 am.

During the past year, RISE has used the camera in collaboration with the Swedish biotech company Anocca. Anocca is a privately held Swedish biotechnology company with the mission to establish a unique technology platform for analysis of T-cell biology to unlock the therapeutic potential of T-cell immunity. 

During the seminar, we get to listen to Evelina Lindmark, researcher and study director for in vivo studies at RISE, Hugh Salter, CSO Anocca, and Hannes Uchtenhagen, Translational Sciences Lead at Anocca, and and Matilda Bäckberg, project manager for the Pharma Office and director for RISE laboratory animal operations. The seminar is moderated by Cecilia Hyrén, research- and business developer at RISE. 

The seminar will be held in English.

Friday 16th of December, 8-9 AM
16 Dec 2022
The seminar will be broadcasted on Teams.

Free of charge

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Matilda Bäckberg

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