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3R-Refinement in Focus at RISE

Proper housing, handling and training of laboratory rodents lead to less stress for both animals and personnel. Our animal department has received international awards for their groundbreaking refinement of animal handling techniques.

GLP toxicology studies

On the first of January 2019, the Swetox (Karolinska Institute) in-vivo department was taken over by RISE. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Safety offers complete safety solutions for bringing new drugs and chemicals to the market. We are a certified GLP laboratory and can offer toxicology studies meeting regulatory criteria.

Housing, handling and training mice at RISE.

Gentle handling and respect for individual differences

Since 2015 the personnel have actively worked to increase the welfare for mice and rats in toxicology studies in order to reduce stress and fear. By handling and training the animals gently with respect for individual differences they have reduced stressful behaviors and have shown that collaboration and social contact is possible between animals and handlers in experimental procedures.

Housing, handling and training rats at RISE.

Awards and recognition

This work has been presented in Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Czech and Greece, as well as via skype to the USA. Our work has been awarded the EPAA Refinement Prize 2017 and the FELASA 40 Years Anniversary Technical Award 2018.

Video documentation now available

Since starting to present our work back in 2016, there has been a huge interest in getting access to videos shown in the presentations. Therefor the in-vivo department was granted funding from Torvald and Britta Gahlins foundation in order to produce international educational material.

Now we can proudly share these two videos showing how we house, handle and train our rats and mice at RISE in Sweden, with the world.

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