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SWEDPROD Produce in Sweden with flexible automation


Purpose and objectives

The main purpose of the project was to analyse and demonstrate how flexible automation can increase productivity. The parties have developed a guide intended to facilitate business decisions on the automation of short series production, specially adapted for small and medium-sized enterprises. The project has contributed to the automation networks established in Sweden.

Results and expected effects

Five of the six pilot companies have introduced automation solutions during the project, contributing to internal learning and higher future productivity. A camera-based safety solution can enable the automation of even more processes.

Papers, presentations at conferences and exhibitions, films and other means of sharing technology have increased interest in and knowledge of flexible automation in Sweden. 

Structure and implementation

Together, the project partners have developed an automation guide comprised of different modules to analyse a company's needs and the possible effects of automation. Parallel to this, technical developments have been made at OpiFlex and the participating pilot companies. The pilot companies interested in flexible automation have chosen different automation solutions, and five of the six companies have even implemented them. The project's analysis group has followed the decision-making and automation strategy processes through the automation guide modules, efforts which ensured their continual development.



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Project start


2 years


OpiFlex AB , BK Produkter AB , Ellagro AB , Anebyhusgruppen , WM Press AB , The Absolut Company AB , KG List AB , SICK IVP , Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, IF Metall , Livsmedelsföretagen, Träcentrum



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