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Statistic visualization project conducted with Regionförbundet Sörmland

We are together with Regionförbundet Sörmland creating an interactive webpage with visualizations of historic data. The data show specific connections between the different municipalities within Sörmland, and this will lead to a better discussion climate for the regions politicians and ease their daily work situations.

The user will be able to see how different data sources and parameters affect each other, and the user can choose which connection and source that should change.

If the user chooses to manipulate the population, it will be possible to see how a population affects the number of employed, house pricing and business in one of the municipalities, and this in an easy-to-understand manner.

Today there are a lot of material and data that through visualization can be incredibly much easier to get acquainted with and understand. What visualization fits the different data sets and what does the user perceive about the different visualizations? How are complex data and connections communicated in an easy-to-understand way for people without expert knowledge on the subject?

The challenge lies in how the user actually uses the visualization and what’s understood from it, and what questions it evokes; is this consistent with what the Regionförbundet Sörmland wants to say with their Sörmlandsstrategi?


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Region Sörmland, Region Östergötland

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6 månader


Regionförbundet Sörmland


Regionförbundet Sörmland

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Daniel Eriksson

Research engineer

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