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Standardization for enhanced reliability of engineering simulations

The goal of the project is to facilitate the quality-assurance process of numerical simulations, thus increasing their realibility by means of standardized methods for reviewing results and data management. Advantages and requirements of standardized procedures will be analyzed in practical cases based on different types of modeling techniques.

The SPRUCE project led by RISE in 2019-2020 showed that, despite the growing role of mathematical modeling in the development of new products and services, quality assurance of numerical simulations is still largely based on subjective assessment. The scarce introduction of standardized quality assurance methods leads to significant uncertainty in the predictions based on numerical simulations, which limits their reliability as a tool to support design and offer an effective alternative to costly physical testing.

The findings of project SPRUCE provide the starting point for the STEERING project, where the role that standardized methods in the improvement of quality assurance of numerical simulations will be investigated through the development of industrial case studies. The analysis will take into account different types of engineering disciplines (e.g. structural mechanics, current mechanics, system modelling) and applications (e.g. energy management, certification). The implementation of novel procedures based on standardized methodologies will be compared with current practice and technical and organizational opportunities and challenges will be identified. The project has the ambition to stimulate and enhance the interest of industry for quality assurance of numerical simulations, and possibly to strengthen the role of numerical simulations as an effective and credible resource for designers, developers and decision makers.


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1,5 year

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1 460 715 SEK


Volvo Cars, Validus Engineering



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9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Fabio Santandrea

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Fabio Santandrea


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