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Smart Materials for Early Corrosion Sensing in Fibre Reinforced Plastics

This project will study how sensors can be manufactured and used as corrosion detectors in Fibre Reinforced Plastics for use in process equipment. The results will help users and suppliers of process equipment to detect corrosion as it happens and prevent corrosion problems in time.

Corrosion monitoring by radio-frequency identification will save resources and energy due to less unplanned and shorter planned shutdowns. Today, the only way of detecting corrosion problems is during downtime periods and often requires destructive testing of cut-outs.

A corrosion sensor integrated into polymeric materials for smart functions will allow early detection of corrosion and thus reduced precautionary maintenance. It will also allow for digitalisation of the plant maintenance and through this result in a much higher value for the end-user than an inspection.

Many of the environments in the Pulp and Paper and Chemical Processing Industries are extremely corrosive and have an urgent need to detect corrosion before catastrophic failures occur. Today, this is performed by on-site inspections when the customers require some more in-depth analysis of the corrosion status of the materials in use. An inspection requires a plant shutdown, a cut-out of a test piece and reconstruction of new fiber-reinforced plastics material. Finding a reliable, time- and cost-effective solution to detect corrosion in an early phase without shutdowns, through smart materials, will enable the transition toward digitalisation for these industries. In the proposed project, sensors, such as passive wireless radio-frequency identification will be studied as embedded corrosion indicators to create smart fibre reinforced plastics.


Project name

Smarta Material



RISE role in project


Project start


2 years

Total budget

800 000 SEK



Love Pallon

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Love Pallon


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