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SEVA: Security Enhanced Vehicle Architecture

This project aims to improve security in next generation vehicles by utilizing modern security technologies from the cloud and other areas.

Automotive electronics is becoming more open. This includes an increasing use of open source software and off-the shelf hardware components but most of all it is becoming more open in the sense that it more than ever communicates and interfaces with the surrounding world.

This presents us with a number of challenges and opportunities: The complexity in these systems has increased significantly, and that has become a huge challenge for the industry. At the same time, the openness allows one to make use of technologies that were initially developed for entirely different applications. In particular, in this project we hope to utilize security mechanisms developed for cloud, desktop and mobile computing to combat the software insecurity that the increased complexity and communication mechanism have caused.

This project aims to help us understand certain issues and technologies better in light of an upcoming commercial vehicle architecture.


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Project Leader

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6-24 Months


Volvo Cars

Contact person

Arash Vahidi

Senior Researcher

+46 10 228 43 61

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