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Metal casting
Photo: Sofia Öggesjö

Remanufactured components througn dual re-casting - prestudy

The overall aim of the prestudy is to develop a new, circular concept where complex cast components with retained high added value can be re-manufactured in many cycles through dual re-casting of functional layers.

A circular business model according to this concept will lead to decreased use of material and energy within the foundry, and increased life-time and reduced energy consumption in the end-user’s applications. Increasing the awareness of re-manufacturing through dual re-casting and its advantages, the component’s performance and economical sustainability will be optimised by using the right material in the right place. In the long run, the concept will form an integrated part in a new service business model for re-manufactured cast components. This will lead to an increased use of cast components in complex applications as well as an optimised resource efficiency throughout the value chain.

This concept is until now never tried, and the aim of the prestudy is therefore to answer two fundamental questions: whether it can be implemented with the use of existing technology or if new technical solutions must be developed; and if it will be long-term exonomically and environmentally sustainable for a selection of chosen products. Two foundries and one supplier of plants for pulp and paper industry take part in the project.


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Region Jönköping County

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Project leader

Project start


8 months

Total budget

650 000 SEK


Cellwood Machinery, Smålands Stålgjuteri, Österby Gjuteri




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Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
Åsa Lauenstein

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Åsa Lauenstein

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