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Public PROcurement with a Circular Economy EDge

Public authorities are major global consumers and therefore they play a pivotal role in production and consumption dynamics, including sustainable ones. However, evidence shows that there are a number of key issues that prevent a wider uptake of sustainable Public Procurement practices and they include a lack of awareness, knowledge, information and experience among public authorities on sustainable principles, tools and their translation into innovative sustainable practices.

By closely working with a number of organisations - including Swedish municipalities and RISE AB - that are already striving to becoming more sustainable and that have upcoming circular public procurement activities in their pipeline, we would like to test some specific managerial tools, formulate and implement innovative, cost-effective and compelling solutions to enable municipalities (and in the future all the public authorities in Sweden) to achieve sustainability goals.

The innovative methodology aims to ensure continuous improvement in circularity between CPP rounds for each and the same offering and will include circularity metrics and management standards that are well-spread (ISO 14001 on Environmental Management Systems) and prominent / promising (ISO 20400 on Sustainable Procurement).

This approach will equip the consortium members with the required knowledge and practice in sustainable / circular procurement to empower them to become frontrunners in transitioning to a CE while contributing in placing Sweden at the forefront of such a transition at international level. Also, by fostering collaboration between public procurers and suppliers during the tendering process, there is a high chance to realise reduction in raw materials utilisation and waste generation whilst encouraging the development of innovation of circular products and services and therefore of sustainable, circular business models.

PROCEED Final Report (pdf, 855.57 KB)


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15 months

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1 million SEK


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11. Sustainable cities and communities
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