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Photo: Anna Eriksson

Prestudy: rural mobility toolbox for municipalities in Småland

The purpose of the project is to develop and validate a toolbox for rural mobility based on mapping and analysis of local mobility needs in 5 municipalities in Småland (Emmaboda, Vislanda, Vaggeryd, Lessebo and Hultsfred).

The project "Toolbox for rural mobility" is based on the goal of a sustainable transportation system throughout all of Sweden. The goal of the project is to provide rural municipalities with a toolbox that contains different methods that they can use to develop attractive mobility solutions in their area while at the same time levering existing assets –as e.g. train station.

In order to maintain good accessibility throughout the country and at the same time achieve the transport sector's environmental goals, mobility solutions that complement public transport are important, together with solutions that increase transport efficiency and reduce transport work. 

Mobility and transport-services in rural areas have been developed and tested in several parts of Sweden, mainly with the aim of increasing transportefficiency, increasing accessibility,and switching to more sustainable modes of transport. These projects have established, among other things, that good public transport to a town is fundamental. However, the conditions for running commercial services need to be improved, so that the quality of the solutions areas high as in urban areas. Also, only expecting non-profit involvement can be detrimental. Based on these experiences, we see a great potential to – instead of yet another demonstration project or pilot – develop and validate a "Toolbox" that enables the municipalities to identify and establish mobility solutions by themselves that meet the needs of locals and businesses in their area.In collaboration with 5 municipalities in Småland (Emmaboda, Vislanda, Vaggeryd, Lessebo and Hultsfred) that all have a train station and a stated an am-bition to develop theirstation area and arealready working onAgenda 2030 by focusing on reducing the fossil footprint of localshousing, transport and consumption (the project Hållbara stationssamhällen 2.0 which is connected to Smart Housing Småland), a toolbox will be developed and validated.

During the whole duration of the project, the municipalities and the project team will map out mobility needs and match transport services and other solutions to local needs. The project will also assess potential new relevant mobility services providers and identify the necessary conditions for them to establish their operations and run a sustainable business in the municipality. All activates will be done in collaboration with municipalities and local actors as well as commercial suppliers / operators of various mobility and transport services.In a long run, ie a follow-up project, each municipality will implement a solution that fits their local needs. Lastly, the toolbox will be generalized and summarized in a manual that will be made available to all rural municipalities throughout Sweden.


Project name

Toolbox for rural mobility in Småland




Region Jönköping County, Region Kalmar County, Region Kronoberg

RISE role in project


Project start


1 year

Total budget

858 000 SEK


Emmaboda kommun, Alvesta kommun, Hultsfred kommun, Vaggeryd kommun, Lessebo kommun



Project members

Anna Eriksson

Contact person

Anna Eriksson


+46 10 228 40 68

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