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Open platforms for building automation

Open platforms for building automation can contribute to an equal market for sustainable system innovations, smart control, lower and more flexible energy use in buildings. The intention is to enable the installation of data-driven services in buildings as easily as installing an app on the phone.

Society faces the challenge of reducing the use of resources linked to our buildings. Buildings account for approximately 40% of energy use in Sweden and Europe. There is potential to reduce buildings' energy usage by about 30% only through operational optimization. Achieving climate goals also requires a transition to renewable energy and energy-efficient system solutions. At the same time, the electrification of industry and vehicles is taking place. With an increased share of renewable energy in combination with charging electric cars at home and work, a dramatically increased demand is created for energy and flexibility services in the real estate sector. The real estate industry needs to develop and utilize energy and cost-effective operational optimization while the possibilities with price-reduced sensors and faster data management are increasing.

The project wants to create bridge-building between industries with different challenges and cultures. A challenge for the real estate industry is to develop together with the increasing digitalization opportunities. Building automation systems are becoming both connected to internet and smart - with machine learning and advanced optimization. However, existing closed systems limit the possibility of further developing the management of buildings, as new system innovations in the form of data-driven services are difficult to implement in or alongside existing systems. Often you need to damage existing systems or let the existing system provider update the platform. With a more open platform and open APIs, each property owner can let different actors use the building data for innovative management without being limited by the existing system's ownership directives and restrictions. Today, there is already an ongoing shift of power as the Internet of Things (IoT) breaks through and puts data flows and digital services as a parallel infrastructure - but this is done at the cost of double measuring and controlling infrastructure in many buildings. This should be minimized in a more open environment. Part of the project's role is to try to move the culture in the industry one step towards a more open and service-oriented model.

More open digital platforms create opportunities for innovative, replicable, and cost-effective solutions to reach the market faster. Open platforms allow more companies to build and launch better tools e.g. controls and regulations, maintenance, and visualization that can accelerate the transition to energy efficiency. We see openness as an incredibly important attribute for moving faster towards advanced digital services and system innovations. Closed platforms lead to fewer companies being involved in the innovation process - we want to see it opened up and accelerated. To get there, we need to bridge any cultural barriers that may hamper innovation and collaboration between industries.




Project name

Open building automation



RISE role in project

Coordinator, project manager, research performer, project communication and test bed development

Project start


2 years

Total budget

22 000 000 SEK


ABB, Akademiska hus, Bengt Dahlgren, Ecoguard, Egain, ElectriCity, Idun, IMI Hydronics Engineering, Installatörsföretagen, KTC, Moldeo, NIBE, Nordomatic, Rebase, Renbloc, Riksbyggen, Sensative, Siemens, Skanska, Stockholm Exergi, Swegon, Systemair, Vasakronan, Öresundskraft




Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
11. Sustainable cities and communities
Sofia Stensson

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Sofia Stensson


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Joakim Eriksson


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