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Saw dust - a potentially valuable byproduct from the saw mill

New materials from sawdust components

The value of sawdust could increase by separating the constituents of the wood material for further processing into new biomaterials: strength enhancers in paper or board, bio-composite films, fertilizers and fire protection agents. Such new materials could increase the sawmill's profitability and contribute to reduced use of fossil raw materials.

Only half of the barked wood that enters a sawmill will be turned into sawn timber. The rest will become sawdust that is currently used for particle board or as biofuel. Instead, the main components of the sawdust - cellulose, lignin and glucomannan - could be separated and refined into products with higher value and a good market.

From the cellulose, micro and nanofibers (MNF) can be manufactured for use as, for example, strength enhancers in paper or cardboard. MNF can also be combined with the sawdust glucomannan for biocomposite films for use as barrier material in paper packaging. From lignin, fertilizers or fire protection agents for wood could be produced.

The project integrates knowledge and experience about lignin, glucomannan, biocomposite films, cellulose, nanocellulose and fire protection.


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