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MoTFall - Modern Technology Against Falls

MoTFall develops solutions aimed at preventing and reducing the number of falls among the elderly. The solutions are based on modern mobile technology that can measure the risk of falling and deliver individualize fall preventive interventions. Early prevention of fall increases the chance of living a healthy and active life with increased quality

Aim and goal

The purpose of MoTFall is to collect and build knowledge about fall prevention and develop solutions that together give a preventive effect. The goals are:

  • Early detection of fall risks and individualized interventions
  • Business models for prevention
  • Training of staff
  • Knowledge distribution


On average, every third person over 65 years falls annually. Fall and fall injuries cost society about 10 billion every year, divided between county councils and municipalities. Often, falls lead to involuntary activity constraints because of the fear of new falls, leading to an increased risk of falling, reduced quality of life and, in many cases, premature death. In Sweden, at least 1,600 people die each year after a fall, most of them older.


The MoTFall system, consisting of a portable sensor (Snubblometer®) and a mobile application, collects and processes data to detect fall risk and monitor fall risk over time. The user receives personalized support via a mobile application to reduce this fall risk, including: Training programs, daily tips, contacts and social module.

MoTFall also develops digital education for healthcare professionals to increase their competence in falls prevention. Finally, the project is working to establish an arena to enable dissemination of knowledge and cooperation within the area at a national level.


Expected effect is reduced number of falls, which in turn leads to better health and increased quality of life among the elderly in the population. Reduced numbers of falls will also lead to cost savings, both for health care and for society as a whole.


Project name




RISE role in project

Project manager, coordinator

Project start


2 years

Total budget

17 683 500 SEK


17 different partners - public actors, non-profit sector, universities and commercial companies.



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

3. Good health and well-being