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Knowledge base for Swedish vaccine production

RISE has led the assignment Vinnova received from the government (Registration number: N2020 / 03157) with the aim of analyzing how Sweden's innovation and production capacity for vaccines and other biological drugs compares with other countries. The report from the assignment can be used as a basis for decisions on future choices.

The purpose of the project was to produce a knowledge base linked to vaccine production, present a survey of national fixed assets, expertise and actors, an analysis of the surrounding world and describe how Sweden's capacity compares with other countries. This benchmark has focused on vaccine production for pandemic needs, but also highlighted possible synergies with adjacent areas such as ATMP and other biological drugs. In addition to the goal of creating an overall knowledge base, the project has highlighted different possible scenarios regarding the use of fixed assets and state aid linked to different business models. Depending on the way forward, this part needs to be deepened in the next step.

The steering committee for the project represented and linked directly to the vaccine coordination group (S2020: 07), “Utredningen om Hälso- och sjukvårdens beredskap” (S2018: 09) and RISE, as well as the Government's collaboration program in health and life sciences. Other state-funded national surveys and projects in the areas of vaccine production, ATMP and biological drugs have been linked to the project, as have several industry actors.

The report is available in Swedish on Vinnova's website.


Project name

Swedish vaccine production



RISE role in project

Project leader and executor

Project start



Total budget

4,000,000 SEK


Utredningen om tillgång till vaccin mot covid-19 (S 2020:07), Utredningen om hälso- och sjukvårdens beredskap (S 2018:09)




Project members

External press

Rapport om Sveriges kapacitet att producera vaccin
Anna Ridderstad Wollberg

Contact person

Anna Ridderstad Wollberg

Senior projektledare

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