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Increased power grid flexibility through common governance of heat pumps

The Grid flexible heat pumps project investigates the benefits of controlling heat pumps in multi-family houses in a smart way - especially if one connects multiple of properties at the same time. The project aims to increase the knowledge about demand response (adaptation of electricity usage when needed) in multi-family houses with heat pumps.

Aim and goal

The overall goal is to increase knowledge about, and thereby the possibilities, for demand response in buildings with heat pump solutions. Focus is on solutions that guarantee end-user comfort and can be replicated on a large scale at low cost.


In a renewable electric system, a flexibility in demand is needed (adaptation of electricity usage when needed) to balance variations in renewable power production from wind and sun. In this context, the thermal inertia of larger buildings with heat pumps constitutes a large potential. The project will evaluate the potential of services based on automatic demand response and that can contribute to flexibility. In this case, a larger power level is reached by forming of dynamic coalitions of building heat pumps.


Evaluation of the potential is done by developing and combining physical load models with a model for market and system analysis. Case studies are conducted to quantify the benefits for actors in the electricity market. The models are made available online for further development. Drivers and barriers to this type of flexibility services are also investigated through an interview study.


The project is expected to provide a better picture of the conditions and potential for demand response with heat pumps in multi-family houses. The potential is expected to be quantified in terms of estimated economic benefits as well as in an interview study.


Project name

Grid flexible heat pumps



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Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
11. Sustainable cities and communities

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