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Harvesting green beans

Fresh harvest of green beans

The innovation project within EIP will develop at least two prototypes based on fresh field beans, of which an extruded product, which clearly emphasizes the field bean as raw material. The work is done together with Atria Scandinavia AB, Toppfrys AB, Naturbruksförvaltningen and Baljväxtakademin.

An increasing number of consumers are positive about increasing their consumption of vegetable proteins that are both healthy and climate friendly. Beans are included in many new products, but in order to further increase consumption there is a need to develop new attractive foods that reach more consumers.

By using existing technology for harvesting canned crops, but modifying the technology, it is possible to harvest and finish fresh green field beans. During 2015-2016, RISE has carried out a number of field trials (among others in the Natural Resources Administration in the Västra Götaland region) and has come up with some field beans that are suitable for growing commercially in the future. These fresh green field beans are our raw material for continued processing.

In order to succeed with the overall goal of taking Swedish freshly harvested field beans from field to consumer, an innovation group with expertise covering the entire value chain has been put together. The group will develop at least two prototypes based on fresh field beans, of which one extruded product, which clearly emphasizes the field beans (taste / appearance / color) as raw material. The product should provide a positive taste experience and be able to compete with existing offerings. Ultimately, the project will result in at least one consumer product on the market.


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Fresh harvest of green beans



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Project management and executor

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Toppfrys AB, Atria Scandinavia AB, Naturbruksförvaltningen, Baljväxtakademin


Jordbruksverket EIP

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Tomas Johansson

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Tomas Johansson


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