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Flying on forest residues in Småland (FFS)

The project will develop knowledge regarding the feasibility of local bio jet fuel production in Småland and identify the most promising supply chain set-ups for the area. A quantitative and site-specific analysis of production technologies, including integration opportunities, feedstock supply and logistics, is employed.

The impact goal of this project is to contribute to transformation of the transport and aviation sectors toward renewable and sustainable fuels using forest residues and by-products, utilizing the potential supply from the Swedish forestry and forest industry.

The overall project objectives are to develop knowledge regarding the feasibility of local bio jet fuel production in Småland and to identify the regionally most promising supply chain set-ups, by a quantitative and site-specific analysis of the most promising production technologies, considering the time perspective. This knowledge can be used as a basis for decisions regarding projects aiming at realizing such production in Småland and can also be useful for other actors/regions that have similar conditions and/or that can use the methodologies developed.

The overall objective is achieved by the following specific targets:

  1. Quantifying production potential and costs based on a site-specific analysis of the production technologies (including logistics, industrial integration, commercially relevant investment cost estimates, etc.)
  2. Quantifying local demand, potential physical supply-chains and off-take options
  3. Presenting a business case and a roadmap for bio jet fuel production in Småland

The project is divided into six work packages:

  1. Project management, reporting and communication  
  2. Technology inventory and selection
  3. Raw material potential and integration opportunities
  4. Techno-economic analysis of alternatives for local production
  5. Demand and distribution
  6. Business model analysis and roadmap


Project name

Flying on forest residues in Småland




Bioeconomy, Biorefinery, Energy, Fossil free fuels, Fossile free aviation


Region Kalmar län, Region Jönköpings län, Region Kronoberg

RISE role in project

Project management

Project start


2018-11-01 until 2020-06-30

Total budget

4 065 000 SEK


Södra, KLM, Växjö Kommun, Småland Airport , Fores, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Växjö Energi, SkyNRG


The Swedish Energy Agency

The UN sustainable development goals

Affordable and clean energy
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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