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Fiber Optic Valley

Fiber Optic Valley in Hudiksvall has worked for over ten years to bring Sweden’s development forward. Focusing on the areas of sensor and communication technology, we have supported and driven successful projects. We are the link between research, the market and various financiers. From January 1, 2017, the project became part of RISE.

In order for Sweden to develop, we need commercial ideas, services and solutions, i.e. innovations. Fiber Optic Valley is created together with members and partners who have digitalization on their agenda.  

Fiber Optic Valley is one of Sweden’s leading innovation environments in the industry and always working to bring together the latest research with business needs, which will benefit the public. 


Project name

Fiber Optic Valley




Region Gävleborg

RISE role in project

Fiber Optic Valley is run by RISE in Hudiksvall.

Project start


Until further notice


Vinnova, Hudiksvall kommun, Tillväxtverket, Region Gävleborg

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Project members

Torbjörn Jonsson

Contact person

Torbjörn Jonsson

Senior Projektledare

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