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Experiences of LPS systems - A knowledge compilation

The gathered knowledge of LPS systems (Low Pressure Sewer) will be an update of or complement to existing decision-making-models. The results will benefit the Swedish wastewater-collective and potentially reduce its investment and maintenance costs for sewer systems in peri-urban areas.

Expanding the city means expanding the wastewater system. In Sweden, the sewerage network comprises the largest costs when building wastewater systems in peri-urban areas. Low-pressure sewer (LPS) systems are often used as an alternative to gravity fed sewers where for example topography or geology makes deep excavations difficult. The lower requirements for excavation also mean that LPS-systems are significantly cheaper to construct. Substantial lengths of LPS-systems have been built in Sweden but experiences from the governing organisations have not been collected and synthesized since the early 2000s.

The aim of this project is to collect and disseminate knowledge of LPS-systems where municipal governance of wastewater systems have expanded in peri-urban areas. The project aims to enhance the general knowledge of LPS-systems by focusing on experiences connected to aspects of the sewer network, its components, general operation and governance. This includes the long-term experiences gained from operation and governance and practical insights and advice from the phases of  (i) planing (ii) building and (iii) operation. The project also includes dissemination of project results to planners and decision-makers in municipalities and municipal companies.

The main activities of the project are: (1) a workshop to identify focus areas and key research questions for the project (2) gathering knowledge and experiences through survey and interviews, (3) a report describing existing knowledge of long-term operation and governance of LPS-systems in Sweden, and (4) a seminar to communicate the project results.

In total, the project will result in a compilation of Swedish experiences of LPS-systems for wastewater management in peri-urban areas. The gathered knowledge of practical governance can be used as a basis for decision-making and as an update or complement to existing decision-making-models for planning wastewater management.

The workshop was held in February 2021. Participants discussed and shared knowledge about issues of LPS-systems as well as advice on how to overcome them. The workshop provided the project with areas and issues to focus the knowledge gathering on. 

The survey is aimed at Swedish wastewater organisations with experience of LPS-systems. The survey is open between 13th of September and 13th of October and can be reached at Note that the survey is in Swedish. We greatly appreciate all who take the time to answer the survey.


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Experiences of LPS systems



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Project manager

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12 months

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1 028 200 SEK


Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Luleå kommun, Uppsala Vatten & Avfall, Kungsbacka kommun, Nacka Vatten & Avfall, Karlskrona kommun, Höganäs kommun, Roslagsvatten, MittSverige Vatten & Avfall, Falu Energi & Vatten


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