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Early virtual concept evaluation for the electrification of vehicles

Electric high voltage systems in electric vehicles consist of several components in complex interaction. They can interfere with other electronics and degrade components such as capacitors. The virtual system model helps to avoid current and voltage variations (ripple) that disturb and degrade the system already in the concept development phase.

Big cost savings if you detect problems early

It is difficult to get an overview and fully understand the consequences of ripple before the physical system is built. Lack of early information on the electrical system's function can lead to incomplete or late evaluation of new electrification concepts and late changes in projects, which entails great costs.

The project "Ripple and Electromagnetic Fields in Electric Vehicles (RIFEL)" aimed at improving early concept evaluation, creating tools and building the necessary skills.

The virtual system model is in line with reality

In the project, a virtual model was developed with the most important high voltage components at the system level: high voltage battery, DC cable, DC/AC converter, AC cable and electric machine.

The virtual model can simulate voltage and current ripples in a frequency range up to a few hundred kilohertz. The simulation results can be displayed in the time and frequency domain in order to be easily compared with physical verifications.

The system model is consistent with practical measurements up to a few hundred kilohertz with power and voltage ripple, both on the DC and AC sides. Actual car measurements also match laboratory measurements at the same measurement points. Magnetic fields were calculated and compared to actual measurements and found to be good in the measured frequency range of ten to one hundred kilohertz.


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6 558 000 kr


Volvo Cars, Chalmers University of Technology, RISE




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Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action

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Peter Ankarson


+46 10 516 50 52

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