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DIET: IoT defense-in-depth with lightweight security

The main goal of the proposed project is advancing the state of art in practical cyber security for the Internet of Things (IoT). Specifically, the project is targeting enabling Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) functionality for IoT devices.

A well-cited quote is the Ericsson and Cisco prediction that there will more than 50 billion connected devices in the year 2020. These devices can be used for services with potential to transform the way we live and work. One of the main obstacles that can hinder this development is if concerns regarding security and privacy are not properly met. The scenarios range from the very obviously security critical ones, where IoT solutions are used as replacement to traditional physical keys or in payment solutions, to seemingly harmless such as smart home temperature sensors, but where an eavesdropper could deduce the home occupancy, and an impostor could insert false data triggering undesired heating or cooling actions, if the communication channel is not properly secured. There is unanimous consensus in the IoT world that cyber security in IoT is mandatory.

The ultimate objectives of the project are (i) to equip IoT devices with de facto Internet security protocols and bring them out of lab environments and make them first class citizens of the Internet, and (ii) enhance the knowledge-base of current IoT experts and cultivate a new expert in the IoT security domain, which will contribute to the much needed but currently scarce IoT security resource pool in Sweden.


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Region Stockholm

RISE role in project

Project Leader

Project start


5 Years

Total budget

5.0 MSEK


Uppsala University


Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)


Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Shahid Raza

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Shahid Raza


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